¿Necesita un abogado penalista en Mallorca? En nuestro bufete encontrará a especialistas en Derecho Penal capacitados para ofrecerle la mejor defensa legal.

La implicación de un proceso judicial relacionado con la comisión de un delito puede tener consecuencias graves.

Por ello, es importante contar con un servicio de asesoramiento especializado. En nuestro despacho tendrá la asistencia de un abogado penalista en Mallorca que se hará cargo de su caso, ofreciéndole un servicio personalizado en el que la defensa de sus intereses será nuestro máximo objetivo.

Acceda ya al mejor abogado penal de Mallorca y Palma. Consúltenos.

Criminal Lawyer in Mallorca

Criminal Lawyer in Mallorca
Juan Martinez Taberner and his team form an office of lawyers specializing in Criminal Law and thanks to their extensive experience in the world of law they offer a professional, serious and trustworthy service.

These lawyers will study your case in a personalized way and depending on what is involved will intervene and advise you legally, always thinking about your interests.

We will look for alternatives and the best solution to defend you, whatever you are accused of, we have experience with different types of crimes and altercations, if you are a minor, we are also specialized, we can intervene in different areas of criminal matters.

We will assist you in quick trials, we can help you to prepare strategies and arguments before a court, we will advise you in different court proceedings and we will fight for your freedom and for your rights.

We also offer assistance from detainees at the police station and we have carried out cases of robbery, gender violence, injuries, alcohol and road safety and crimes against privacy such as insults and slander, illegal detentions or threats.

Also crimes against the administration as well as sexual crimes like abuses, corruption of minors or sexual assaults, besides crimes of traffic of drugs or circulation as for reckless driving, without permission of driving or for speeding.

We will inform you in more detail about all our services in the hand of expert criminal lawyers such as those who make up our team in Palma de Mallorca.

We will serve individuals, companies and all types of customers, whatever their needs. Contact us by accessing our website or by telephone, you will be satisfied.
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